Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is usually brought on by an increased pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Dr Carmen Munteanu in Melbourne offers surgical relief for this condition.

CTS occurs when pressure builds up due to swelling in the tunnel where the median nerve and nine tendons pass from the forearm into the hand. When the pressure reaches the point where it disturbs how the nerve works, you may start to feel symptoms such as:

  • tingling
  • numbness
  • pain in the arm
  • pain in the hand
  • pain in the fingers

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be, in some cases, treated surgically to enlarge the carpal tunnel and decrease the pressure on the nerve.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Unfortunately, the cause of CTS is often unknown. The reason for this is that pressure on the nerve can be caused by:

  • tenosynovitis swelling of the lining of the flexor tendons
  • joint dislocations
  • fractures
  • arthritis – narrowing the tunnel
  • keeping the wrist bent for long periods of time

It may be one or a combination of these causes.

How is carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed?

To properly diagnose this condition a detailed medical history is required, and x-rays may be taken to check for problems such as arthritis or fractures. An electrodiagnostic study (either NCV-nerve conduction velocities or EMG-electromyogram) will be carried out to confirm the diagnoses of CTS, as well as other possible nerve problems.

Non-surgical treatment for CTS

It is possible for the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome to be alleviated without surgery. Non-surgical solutions include:

  • Changing the pattern of hand use
  • Wearing wrist splints to keep your wrists straight
  • Steroid injection into the carpal tunnel

Surgical treatment for CTS

If these non-surgical options are inefficient, or your condition is too severe, Aesthetik Profile offers a surgical option. Surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome involves decreasing the pressure on the nerve by cutting the ligament which forms the roof of the tunnel on the palm side of your hand.

It is important to keep in mind that carpal tunnel syndrome, in severe cases, may never be cured. However, with surgery, it is possible to alleviate symptoms.

After surgery, you may experience some discomfort around the treated area, which will dissipate in 1-2 weeks. Additionally, it may take a few weeks for strength to return completely to your hand.

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